Quotes from patients who have chosen Enigma dentures

All the patients below have had their visible teeth set up with them and their dentures made for them by Dr John Besford using the Award Winning Enigma Teeth and Denture System. Laboratory work by technicians: Ruth Bourke and Andrew Taylor. 

Visually, I don't feel people are looking at me and saying "she's got false teeth"... I just wish this had happened years and years ago.

"They are lovely. They feel like my own teeth. Even my daughter can't tell".

"People often say you've got nice teeth, you've got a nice smile and that's something no one had ever said. It was great, I couldn't stop smiling then".

Ann Jennings, aged 73 says "How lucky can you get. With beautiful teeth like these I'll spend the rest of my life smiling!". 

My Mother's comment when she saw this photo was "Well, it's a great tribute to your dentist!"

Sadly this gentleman passed away but his partner said of him, "His teeth were so beautiful".

Did you know...?

 For all those who lose teeth it is good to know that they are in excellent company. 

Celebrities who have lost teeth include

  • Hollywood star Harrison Ford, chosen as "People" Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive (1998) who revealed on "The Late Show With David Letterman" that he had false teeth fitted after he damaged them during a stunt for a TV appearance early in his career. 
  • James Bond star Daniel Craig was shaken not stirred when he lost his two front teeth whilst on set. He had them smashed out while filming a fight sequence for the remake of Bond film "Casino Royale"!
  • Actress Kate O'Mara, glamorous star of Dynasty and Howard's Way, said in a recent interview that she had few of her own teeth left. 
  • Iconic "Rebel Without A Cause" star James Dean. 
  • Screen legend Clark Gable who starred in "Gone With The Wind".